Analia’s love of food, like so many of us, stems from her immigrant background. A Sicilian born mother and Argentine father set the stage for what they considered “good food”.

Analia watched her mom make everything by hand. All those memories of taste, smell, and belly busting food stuck with her throughout her life.

Analia’s path, however, is different from so many chefs. She didn’t step into a professional kitchen until she was 34 and a new student at Kendall College. Until then, she wore her high heels, makeup, and pearls to her 9-5 corporate job.

Enter culinary school, Zeeshan Shah, and Old Town Social. Analia was fortunate to be able to complete her culinary internship with Zeeshan at Old Town Social. She learned from him and continued to learn from additional chefs once she graduated.

In August 2017, she came on board at Biscuit Man as Zeeshan’s manager. In January 2019, she became co-owner of the Biscuit Man. Now Analia wears her work shoes, bandana, and apron to continue the vision of what an amazing Biscuit Man menu looks and tastes like. You will notice her touch when you stop by to try some of the weekly specials. Her cooking comes from the heart and from her memories!